Ultimate Best Military Backpack Reviews: 2017 Edition

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Best Military BackPack 2017 Comparison Table

Pack PicturePack NameFeaturesDimensionsCapacity
(cu in)
RatingPrice($)TypeSuit ForPrice($)Weight(poud)
Pro: The best product with digital woodland camouflage features

Con: It is expensive.
4.8/90 rates
219.95ILBEHIKING150~250 6~10
23Marine Corp Used USMC Military Issue 3 Day FILBE Coyote 20 Liter Assault PackPro: The product is easy to use.

Con: The hydration system of the product may be affected in the long run.
4.5/18 rates
62FILBE,72 HOURSp 0~75 3~6
21MOLLE II Large Rucksack Backpack Assembly (ACU)Pro: The retention capacity is bigger and better than all other products.

Con: Slightly expensive.
4.5/86 rates
194.99MOLLE II150~250 6~10
22ILBE Main Pack USMC Generation 2 With Assault PackPro: The comfort is great, and the padding is ample and well contured throught

Con: a bit heavier then one of those ultralight packs.
4.6/129 rates
424.99ILBE,Assaultmore then 350 more than 10
3LARGE A.L.I.C.E. PACK WITH FRAME LC-1Pro: All components are genuine U.S. military issue.

Con: not water proof.Not MOLLE compatable.
22 x 20 x 19 3800
4.5/121 rates
67.87ALICEHIKINGp 0~75 6~10
24Rothco G.I. CFP-90 Combat Pack / BackpackPro: It is designed to unleash a higher quality and standard.
Con: The side pockets are too large.
4/13 rates
102.83CFP-90p 75~150 6~10
28Badlands Stealth Day Pack- Realtree AP Xtra BL-BULSTAPXPro: The lightweight of the product is due to the ultra lite construction technology.

Con: The durability of the product may be an issue
4.5/12 rates
124.02HUNTINGHUNTINGp 75~150 0~3
25Tenzing TZ 5000 Spike Camp Internal Frame Expedition Hunting PackPro: The pack is fabricated to maintain the weight on your body close and balance.

Con: The compatibility with H2O has a limit.
TOP:9x11x 3
4.4/5 rates
293.17HUNTINGHUNTING205~350 6~10
26Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting PackPro: It provides responsible organization, complete mobility and can be used for any hunting projects.

Con: The productive strength is less when compared to other brands.
Main: 9x16x6.5
Face: 6x5.5x2
Sides (x2): 7x5x1.5
Hip: 9x4x2
4.9/16 rates
151.09HUNTINGHUNTING150~250 3~6
27ALPS OutdoorZ 9953110 Extreme Crossfire X Hunting Pack (Brushed Realtree Xtra HD)Pro:It is built with vented back that helps to increase air flow

Con:The hydration system may not withstand excessive or tight condition.
Detachable: 9x6x2
4.9/22 rates
179.99HUNTINGHUNTING150~250 3~6
29Mens Large 26" Duffel Duffle Military Molle Tactical Gear Shoulder Strap Travel BagPro:Has a lot of space, flexibility to convert to a backpack.

Con: Quality is not the best.
4.2/24 rates
44.99Shoulder StrapTRAVELp 0~75 3~6
20Tactical Tailor Operator Removable PackPro: Mounts directly onto PALS webbing for your vest, rig, or ruck sack.

Con: Re-tie the paracord around the zipper need 2 miniutes if you use this pack for hunting.
Main:17x9.5x 5.5
4.6/45 rates
86.48HYDRATIONp 75~150 0~3
Pro: Durable as all get out,Crap ton of room.

Con:Really stiff at first, took a few weeks to break it in.
4.6/569 rates
Pro: Drainage grommets keep gear dry

Con: Zipper tabs tend to break
4.6/925 rates
261.5972 HOURS,ASSAULTHIKING250~350 3~6
6HAZARD 4 EVAC PLAN-B SLING PACKPro: Made of DuPont 1000D Cordura

Con: High speed side buckles are flimsy
4.8/148 rates
124.89SLING PACKp 75~150 3~6
75.11 RUSH MOAB 10
Pro: Zippers are self-healing

Con: Not a heavy load carrier
4.7/399 rates
99.99SLING PACKp 75~150 0~3
Pro: Straps tuck away when not in use

Con: Lacks organizer pockets, divisions, loops, or pouches
5/8 rates
122.88ASSAULTp 75~150 0~3
Pro: Great design for urban use.

Con: There are similar + cheaper alternatives.
4.6/396 rates
127.68HIKING,BIKINGp 75~150 0~3
9JAVELIN 2.0 VSLINGERPro: High-visibility interior

Con: Pack strap sling side is fixed
4.5/15 rates
159.99SLING PACK150~250 0~3
105.11 TACTICAL RUSH 72Pro: Compacts well

Con: Hip belt does not work for tall users
4.8/676 rates
166.0472 HOURS150~250 3~6

Con: No drainage hole
24 x 11 x 72150
4.8/49 rates
249HUTING150~250 3~6
12Mil-Tec Army Patrol Molle Assault Pack
Coyote Tan
Pro: Heavy duty waist belt strap keeps everything firmly attached to your body and not flopping around.

Con: NOT fit larger laptop in the location behind the arm straps.
4.6/165 rates
34.97MOLLE,ASSAULTp 0~75 0~3
135.11 Rush 24 BackpackPro: Can fit a lot of gear,The fabric is durable and water resistant. Zippers are very good.

Con: There is a buckle there to add your own waist straps. You are limited in what can be brought.
4.8/704 rates
107.7424 HOURSp 75~150 0~3
14PARATUS 3 DAY OPERATOR’S PACKPro: Rugged, quality materials,Modular design is actually useful.

Con: Waist band loosens up frequently and paracord zipper laces come off easily.
4.4/307 rates
79.9972 HOURSp 75~150 3~6
15Red Rock Outdoor Gear Large Assault PackPro: Large and thick zipper are more reliable than smaller ones that wear out more quickly.

Con: Some of the seams look like they could be more reinforced.
4.4/301 rates
50.41Assaultp 0~75 3~6

Pro: Fits comfortability and the straps doesn’t put much pressure on your back.

Con: no one say it's Cons.
4.9/28 rates
92.69MOLLE,ASSAULTp 75~150 3~6
17Molle Rucksack Military Style 50L Three Day 900D Hydration Ready Backpack Pro: Tons of storage,Strip of Velcro on across the back for attachments.

Con: The main shoulder straps no use a tad more padding/cushion in them.
Molle pouch:13x7x4
Tow side:8x6x2.5
4.3/13 rates
64.95MOLLE,72 HOURSp 0~75 3~6
18Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault Pack
Pro: Visibility in low-light,Durable, Stitching is wonderful and self-healing zippers.

Con: The hip belt could be better, but it's still effective.
4.5/37 rates
187HYDRATION, Assault150~250 3~6
195.11 Tactical Rush 12
Pro:Lightweight, holds a ton of stuff, including a 15 in laptop. MOLLE webbing all over the pack.

Con: No computer padding. Will NOT fit a 17 in laptop in a sleeve (tried that).
bottom front:12x9x1.75
4.7/727 rates
96.6912 HOURS,HYDRATIONp 75~150 0~3
30OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L with Waterproof Backpack CoverPro: There's an air-ventilation plastic mesh in the back to create air flow between your back and the pack itself. This works pretty well even in the June heat.

Con: The 'shovel pocket' is not elastic.
4.4/273 rates
45.99WaterproofHIKINGp 0~75 0~3
31Everest Hiking BackpackPro: It is designed for shorter people.

Con: Not for rugged use.
4.3/164 rates
33.04HIKINGp 0~75 0~3
32Coreal Large 35L Lightweight Packable
Travel Hiking Backpack
Pro: Very water proof, so the snow won't be an issue -Comfortable for hours.

Con: 2 water bottle holders! Although my Nalgene barely fit.
21.56x 11x 7.871950
4.5/73 rates
20.89HIKINGp 0~75 0~3
33SNOWHALE Cycling Hiking Backpack Water-resistant Daypack FKC0618Pro: The zippers seem reliable, the material is tough enough.

Con: it's not big enough for a laptop.
3.8/290 rates
24.99WaterproofBIKINGp 0~75 0~3
34JanSport Wasabi Backpack - 1950cu inPro: The upper key pocket is awesome, can just reach up above your head to pull stuff out when you need it.

Con: The straps are pretty thin.
12.6 x 9.8 x 18.9 1950
4.1/465 rates
48.99LAPTOP,SKIINGp 0~75 0~3
35Transpack Edge Isosceles Ski Boot BagPro: This bag easily fits ski boots up to mens size 13 as well as a helmet, goggles and hat / gloves.

Con: Material is very light, as are strap attachments.
17.6 x 14.6 x 10.22600
4.3/83 rates
47.96SKIINGp 0~75 0~3
36Camelbak Zoid Ski Hydration PackPro: Insulated. Low profile, so it can easily go under a jacket in very cold weather.

Con: Hose froze sometimes.
16 x 8.5 x 3180
4.6/17 rates
37Dakine Heli Pro 20-Liter BackpackPro: This backpack is durable, stylish, and full of cool extras.

Con: It's not the ideal pack for a hydration bladder.
21 x 12 x 81200
4.8/54 rates
89.99LAPTOP,SKIING,SHOOLp 75~150 0~3
38_Gregory Mountain Products J 53 BackpackPro: It fits a woman's frame well. The straps rest comfortably.

Con: Designed to hold water bottles but they are not easy to reach when you are hiking
22.44x13.39x 11.18 3112
5/8 rates
195.73WOMEN150~250 0~3
39Osprey Packs Women's Sirrus 24 BackpackPro: Includes an air flow ventilation system.

Con: Hip pockets are to small for a standard size phone.
22 x 14 x 61465
4.5/47 rates
89.96WOMENp 75~150 0~3
40Deuter ACT Lite 50+10 SL BackpackPro: Incredible quality! The back pads are incredibly comfortable.

Con: Its water proof everything has a limit.
34 x 13 x 144270
5/9 rates
189HYDRATIONWOMEN150~250 3~6
41Protector Plus 40L Military Tactical BackpackPro: Good large zippers, lots of room in pockets, great feel with shoulder straps on back.

Con: May too small for some person.
18.5x12.2x 9.12440
4.7/24 rates

The Benefits Of Using A Military Backpack

Research has revealed that military backpacks create an excellent avenue to move crucial items from one environment to another. These backpacks can be personalized to suit any client’s requirements since they come in a gamut of designs and styles. Military backpacks are designed with both external and internal frames and unleash a plethora of items including waterproof G or- Tex, breathable, canvas, and rip-stop nylon. It also means that everyone can always get a unique military backpack designed for them.

Backpacks are designed to serve several functions. In case you want to use backpacks for camping, certain items must be included in them. It is found in the likes of food, bedding, raingear, and clothing. Bigger packs usually come with storage for bulky jackets or tents. In case, you want backpacks for schools and institutions, and then they will be suited primarily to contain pads of paper, various notebooks and other writing materials. Smaller bags will go well for accessories in the likes of calculators, pencils and pens. Commonly used backpacks are designed with computer and clothing packs. Without any iota of doubt, everyone will always find a unique backpack designed for them.

Military backpacks that are specially designed can be used for carrying bedding items around such as sleeping bags and mats. These backpacks can as well be used to carrying provisions for the period of the excursion, canteens and water holders. In most cases, you will discover that specially-designed backpacks come with official military certified color design or pattern that suits your current uniform. They are completely camouflaged or altered and not quickly separated if the user is trying to mix with the natural environments. The presence of both internal and external military backpack frames help to strap on extra items.

When talking about accessories or items, there are many to select from and they will help to add extra functions to your military backpack. The backpack is often supported with thick padded shoulder straps when carrying a larger load. With the help of a waist belt, pressure and weight are distributed evenly. It will also help your shoulder not to be loaded with bulky items or weight. Extra buckles and straps remain handy and help replacement when the original ones are damaged.

It is usually not an easy task finding the perfect military pack. Making your decision on the right backpack can be simple when considering your personal needs and the longevity of the product in question.

5 Most Popular System of Military BackPacks


A solid and classic design, the All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment backpack was first introduced to the US Army in 1973. Despite being largely replaced other designs, it’s still a reliable workhorse that sees use in National Guard, Navy, and Air Force ground units. Rothco has created a worthy model for this venerable design, one that’s sturdy, well manufactured for consistency and quality, and at just over two pounds empty, lives up to the “lightweight” in the name. Both comfortable and tough,ALICE pack is a fine backpack for whatever your needs.

Currently, the USGI Military Large Olive Drab Alice remains the best Alice pack in the marketplace. This Alice backpack is lightweight all-purpose personal carrying equipment, which implies that it can be used for climbing, riding and walking. The product is primarily a camping friend that comes with a robust aluminium frame. It unleashes a simple kidney pad, quick release padded shoulder straps and belt. In the main pack, users will discover a large adjustable pouch. The six exterior pouches operate with dual snap adjustable closures. It is rugged, roomy and military personnel in Olive Drab have depended on this product for so long. This Alice pack is designed with 15/8 inches wide waist belt that occupies up to forty-eight inches closures. With a water-resistant robust nylon material, the bag remains compatible with 41/2×11 inches shoulder pads. It can contain rations and clothing for three complete days. Buyers will also discover the release hardware/metal cinch feature with 2-strap top flap.

molle_01MOLLE Pack

The Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment is the current generation of military gear for carrying your stuff, and is used throughout NATO armed forced, including British and the US armed forces. Modular for ease of access and assembly, this backpack includes the shoulder straps, waist belt, and frame, and has a smooth desert camo pattern. Built to withstand weather, sand, and sweat, this tough pack will stand up to abuse with dignity and distinction.

The Molle pack is often designed in a gamut of collections. However, the Molle II Large Rucksack Backpack Assembly (ACU) has proven to be the best brand to purchase. It is designed to occupy a capacity of around four thousand cubic inches. There is the presence of an inner load divider zippered feature which opens at the bottom ends and the top. This feature will enable a sleeping pack to be independently unloaded and loaded without any exterior bag carrier. For information materials and little reference, the product displays a mesh pocket at the top flap. It is protected with a loop and hook closures. The Molle II ACU product comes with two big adjustable sustainment pouches that are added to the corners of the ruck by making use of equal polyethylene-powered webbing strap. The Molle FLC system acts as the primary protection unit. The product is used for walking around a given distance.


An excellent design, the Improved Load Bearing Equipment pack was created by Arc’teryx’s Law Enforcement and Armed Forces program. The ILBE can hold up to 120 pounds of weight, in 70 liters of volume. It comes with a strong, sturdy internal metal frame, but features external foam padding for ease of wearing and comfort. The pack is covered in a wide PALS grid, and boasts the MARPAT camouflage patterning.

The ILBE Pack USMC Generation 2 with Assault Pack is unique for many reasons. This pack is specially designed to convey shoulder straps, radio pouch, lid, and hip belt. The hip belt of the product measures 51 inches with fully adjustable and expanded feature for a smaller waist. The product is primarily fabricated for the United States Marines to deliver long-lasting, lightweight approach of moving equipment and clothing textiles from one place to another. It comes with coyote features and padding that makes walking easy. The product can carry up to one hundred and twenty lbs. It also distributes the loaded weight for ease of use and convenience. The inner frame carrying two metal ribs on the exterior sides with two bigger spars in the middle account for the comfort of using the pack. The spars are already designed to fit the user’s back. Nevertheless, these spars can as well be personalized. The ILBE Main Pack USMC Generation 2 is designed with a denier nylon construction and displays tactical woodland digital camo design.


The FILBE pack is an upgraded version of the ILBE, replacing the metal frame with a lightweight, hardened plastic. With an internal volume of 5,000 cubic inches and a weight load capacity of 125 pounds, the FI
LBE pack is the go-to pack for carrying all your gear. With PALS webbing on front, sides, AND top, any modular packs you want to add can be easily and conveniently placed wherever you want them. Built to last, with reinforced stitching, tough materials, and heavy duty zippers, this pack will stand up to military abuse even in civilian settings.

The USMC Filbe Assault pack in coyote color is a dynamic backpack that comes in a variation of colors. It displays a waist belt and sternum to help spread the load. One excellent feature of this product is the availability of convenient shoulder straps. The stiffener panel will protect your back from pack content. On top of the pack, you will discover the hydration system compatibility feature that includes right and left Velcro ports. The product is designed to replace the MARPAT assault packs. The USMC Filbe assault comes with different extra pockets and looks bigger to help retain gear or other items. It cost $62.00 and can be used for climbing.

CFP-90 pCFP-90 packack

The CFP-90 is the U.S. military’s largest combat pack. It is designed for cold weather operations because it can hold your sleep system, bulky clothing, and almost anything else needed for long range patrolling. Features an internal frame that transfers load weight to the hips. This pack has an adjustable torso allowing the pack to fit 95% of all men and women. Rugged aircraft aluminum internal staves that are pre-curved to perfectly fit the wearers back. Stabilizers anchored to frame for precision lead balance, thus relieving neck and shoulder strain.

The Rothco G.I CFP-90 Combat Pack is designed with the highest quality of material. It comes with tight zippered sleeping bag access, internal rugged frame, big side pockets, highly padded kidney lumber support and pad, a top-grab handle, and side compression straps. The product can be used for a gamut of purposes such as walking, climbing and riding.

How To Choose A Military Backpacks

There is never a piece of backpack perfect for all kinds of travel. For this reason, you will find several types of packs in the marketplace to select from or purchase. Asking certain questions will help you make the best decision. You will have to determine the quantity of belongings needed for your travel objective. The types of activities that you will engage in can help make the best decision, such as cycling, snorkeling, trekking, riding or climbing. Reading through the comprehensive details of this content will help to make the right decision.

How To Choose Military Backpacks For Hunting

Currently, people can now find newer materials that are water resishunting packtant, burr resistant and tear resistant with DWR. Apart from other crucial factors mentioned, hunters may be interested in noise caution with fasteners and fabric. When you are moving or walking is the fabric quiet or does the material makes a sound like a potato chip pack being affected by a racoon? There is every possibility to have experienced that in time past. Hunters usually like to stalk in silence. In fact, hunters will prepare acting like a sniper while walking in the woods. Getting busted by a whitetail buck or an Elk when hunting is one of the worst things that can happen to a hunter. It can be that the Velcro strap echoed off or needles itching across your pack. When purchasing a military pack for hunting ensure to check the pockets. Check if the pockets can be protected without any noise. Check if there is any loop, hook, snaps that can cause noise. Determine if the draw strings are functioning efficiently. Technology has helped to change all the complications you can encounter when planning to buy a hunter’s military pack. Today, you can get options like abrasion resistant nylon fabric, a 1000-Denier water resistant for easy maintenance. Products such as Tenzing TZ 5000 Spike Camp Internal Frame Expedition Hunting Pack, Tenzing TZ 1250 Guide Lumbar Hunting Pack, ALPS Outdoorz Crossfire X – 2325 ci Mid-Sized Hunting Day Pack and Badlands Stealth Ultra Light Hunting Pack are highly recommended.

tacticalpackHow To Choose Military Tactical Backpacks For All Purpose

Most tactical specialists searching for a backpack will always appreciate the forethought of small features that make the hardest task look easy. Typically, military tactical backpacks often come with concealed compartments, drainage holes, covered zippers, Molle compatible system, tear-out medical pouches, quick-access pockets and just to mention a few. The strength and durability of a tactical backpack can be affected by two things. It can be found in the weaving and material. When planning to cho
ose a military tactical backpack for all purpose, simply consider these factors. Nevertheless, the gear is also another important factor to consider. Choose wisely and ensure that the selected product lasts for a long time. 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack, 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack, 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack, and Mens Military Molle Tactical Gear Duffle Range Shoulder Strap Travel Bag are highly recommended.

hikingpackHow To Choose Military Backpacks For Hiking

Hiking is an excellent sports activity that can help you remain fit, healthy and active. As military personnel, hiking is one of the best ways to stay updated health wise. Nevertheless, it can be difficult for many people to make the right choice when it comes to selecting the best military pack for hiking. All producers will usually design adjustable straps that can suit the user’s waist size. It is an excellent idea always to consider your waist size when planning to buy a pack for hiking. If your waist size is twenty-six inches or above fifty inches, then a personalized hip belt may be needed. The backpacks for youth and women are specially fabricated to adjust, time and again. OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L with Waterproof Backpack Cover, Everest Hiking Pack, Coreal Large 35L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack, and SNOWHALE Cycling Hiking Backpack Water-resistant Daypack FKC0618 are recommended.

skiing-backpackHow To Choose Military Backpacks For Skiing

The external and internal frame remains the primary factor to consider when planning to purchase or choose military backpacks for skiing. It ‘s hard to accentuate the primary difference between external and internal backpack frames. In most cases, people usually believe that there is no need for using the external frame due to the advancement of technology. It implies that using an internal backpack frame remains the best alternative. Nevertheless, this paragraph will help you discover one or two primary reasons for retaining your external pack frame for skiing. No material has proven to maintain both waterproof resistant and at the same time accommodate breathability. Your back will breathe a bit by using waterproof materials on an external frame. Both external and internal frame comes with benefits and disadvantages. The external can help convey a lot of gear or equipment. The internal frame is designed to be an extension for your body to be comfortable and fitting. Internal frames often come with a small size or profile. When they are packed or arranged properly, it will make the gear aligned with the center of gravity. It will as well help to increase your balance. If you want to walk for several hours, it is expedient to consider balance. Internal frames will unleash better manoeuvrability and fit properly. They are comfortable and may feel like the product is close to your body. Buying external frame remains cheap. It is fabricated to carry heavy-duty items for a long time. JanSport Wasabi Backpack – 1950cu in, Transpack Edge Isosceles Ski Boot Bag, Camelbak Zoid Ski Hydration Pack, and Dakine Heli Pro 20-Liter Backpack are recommended.

Military Backpacks For Menmanpack

Military backpacks are designed for several reasons. Certain packs will only work well for men. It makes men be able to carry out several activities such as climbing, hiking, skiing, jumping and walking. Male military personnel can take advantage of these packs to achieve their goals. When planning to select a backpack for men, it is important to check the grip, strap and frame of the product. You can also inspect the accessibility of the product to ensure it fits well. Many packs for men usually come with fancy pouches to make sure that it convey the right message. A male backpack usually comes with several pockets as well. You will have to consider the position where the pockets are located on the product. JanSport Right Pack Backpack – 1900cu in, Kenneth Cole Reaction Pack Of All Trades, Condor 3 Day Assault Pack, and Men Large Capacity Tactical Military Hiking Pack Laptop are recommended.

womenpackHow To Select Military Packs For Women

When it comes to women, selecting military backpacks remains special. Due to the body structure of women, certain factors should be considered when choosing packs. Women should always buy packs that will align with their waist size. Most women do not consider waist when planning to buy packs for either hiking, skiing, climbing or walking. Comfort is another significant factor that women should consider for an easy movement. Sometimes, you can find women packs looking for elegant and sophisticated than men. It is because producers often like to design women back with extra care, time and styles. With this idea, women should always purchase military packs that fit into their waist, body structure and comfort. Gregory Mt. ProductsWomen’s J 53 Pack Backpack, Pistil Finders Keepers Bag, Osprey Packs Women’s Sirrus 24 Pack, and Deuter Women’s ACT Lite 60+10 SL Backpack are highly recommended.

Selecting The Best Military Backpacks For First-aidfirst-aidpack

When you embark on a journey or trip during a military expedition, there is every possibility to get injured. For this reason, moving along with a top-notch military first-aid pack will help a lot. If you are considering buying a military pack used for a first-aid purpose, ensure to check the size. The size of the product you select will determine the amount of load to be included. Another crucial point to determine when selecting a pack for a first-aid purpose is the ease of use. You can only purchase packs that are easy to use and can keep your medical items safely. Fully Stocked Stomp Medical First Aid Kit, Orca Tactical MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Medical First Aid Pouch, Compact Tactical MOLLE EMT Medical First Aid Pouch Bag and First Aid Kit – 275 Pieces – Bag. Packed with hospital grade medical supplies are recommended.


Backpacks remain a crucial aspect of any outfit. If you are looking for the best military pack that suit your body structure, simply check on this content. With hunting packs, you will be able to carry all essential gear and a firearm on your outdoor excursions. A tactical pack is specially fabricated for traveling a long distance with gear. For this reason, you will always find a tactical pack to remain larger and with a significant weight limit. With photo and camera backpacks, your equipment will stay safe and dry from damage by using pockets placed for quick access and soft linings.