Steps On How To Attatch Molle


Attaching a Molle pack or Molle gear

Attaching a Molle pack or gear is not a difficult task. In fact, the attachment of a Molle pack can take several ways. Is your quest on how to attatch Molle,how to attatch Molle gear or should straps? In this guide, you will discover a simple way of attaching Molle shoulder straps.

Step 1  To Attatch Molle:

The step to take is by laying the shoulder straps. At this point, it is important to know that your shoulder straps matter a lot and should be done in the right way. Ensure to face your shoulder straps down. The top section should as well be folded down for proper structuring.

Step 2  To Attatch Molle:

The second step is another crucial phase on how to attach shoulder straps of a Molle pack. Go ahead to lay or assemble the frame by position the curved section down. It should be done on the upper section of the straps. The four 1” should be fished wide with Velcro via the frame. You will discover that top third strap will have to pass through the third inner slot. In most cases, it is done from the upper section of the pack. Once you are able to achieve this goal, ensure to lower the strap. The strap should be lowered seven times through the slot and down from the upper section of the pack. Now, the fish from the inner curve of the frame of the pack to the back should be arranged. With this simple step, you can be on your to setting up a good attachment of your Molle pack.

Step 3  To Attatch Molle:

Over the frame, you will have to pull straps back. The Velcro should be fastened while the fish thought metal rings are as well prepared. This step is important for the effective performance of your Molle pack. Most Molle packs are either damaged or made with this step. On this note, it is expedient to be careful when planning to carry out the third step.

Step 4  To Attatch Molle:

At this juncture, you will have to repeat the process for the other side as well. The 1inch tail trap of the V-shaped structure should be taken and attach it in the front to the back. It should be done through the lower slot as discovered in the image. Remember that the repetition will only lead to perfection. It implies that repeating the process for the other side will help you attach the Molle pack professionally and swiftly.

Step 5  To Attatch Molle:

One the fourth step has been achieved; it is now time to take the pack up through the lower section area of the metal buckle. You will have to loop the pack behind through the upper section of the metal buckle and tie perfectly.

Step 6  To Attatch Molle:

The frame should be turned over the other side and attach the metal buckles via the second slot. It should be done down from the upper section of the frame.

Step 7  To Attatch Molle:

One strap should be positioned to alter the shoulder height. You will have to be careful not to make use of more than one strap to prevent any damage.

Step 8  To Attatch Molle:

The end of the lower one inch should be looped. It will help to quickly unleash the straps thought second inner stop from beneath of the frame.

Step 9  To Attatch Molle:

With the male quick release buckle, you can take the other end and attach it though the pull tight structure and loop. It is a delicate process and should be done with care.

Step 10  To Attatch Molle:

The quick release makes end should be fastened to the female portion of the snap metal button and the shoulder straps. It is a simple way of help you discover how the outcome of the Molle pack will be after completed. Remember that it remains the most important step of the process of how to attach Molle gear. Applying the right technique will help you to get the actual figure of your mole pack as required. In fact, using this simple approach will help your pack to perform efficiently.


Finally, you can repeat the process for the other end. Your Molle should be ready for use after repeating the process on the other side. It is expedient to follow the steps explained in this guide to get the best out of your Molle pack.

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