Steps On How To Pack An Alice Pack


How To Pack An Alice Pack

Mountaineering and hiking remain excellent hobbies. Be you engage or embark in any of the mentioned activity, it is important to know how to pack your Alice bag properly. Studies have unveiled that many individuals don’t know the importance of a thoroughly and well-scheduled packed Alice. Since the Vietnamese war, Alice packs have been used by the United States of America military personnel. Alice packed remained the source of carrying huge amounts of items for long distance as required. Nevertheless, campers and hikers can also experience the same activity for using Alice packs. The most important thing to know is how to load or pack your Alice bag. Is your quest for how to pack an Alice pack? Reading through the rest part of this content will help on how to pack an Alice pack.

Step 1 for Packing Alice Pack

The first step to take is to properly pack the primary portion of your Alice bag. This section should be reserved for clothing because it remains the biggest portion of your Alice pack. The unit should be loaded from beneath by following the order such as shirts, pants, bivouac sack, poncho liner, socks, weather stuff sack containing gloves, wet weather pants, underwear, a waterproof bag, mess kit with snacks and provisions. Following this order will help you to load your Alice pack properly without any stress.

Step 2 for Packing Alice Pack

Filling your Alice pack’s pockets remain the next step to take. You can start the entire process from the left side. Your coat should be positioned in the pocket to the left as a rule of thumb. It should also be performed when the pack is worn. This second is highly important if you are looking for the best way to pack your primary heavy items. It will also help you to be successful with your Alice pack when walking, climbing or hiking.

Step 3 for Packing Alice Pack

Once the second step is finished, you can go ahead to load the middle pocket of your Alice pack. It can be done with urgency supplies including a first aid kit, waterproof matches, toilet paper, an army knife, a nylon cord and duct tape. You can as well load your rain poncho for good measure in the compartment. Using this idea will help you load your Alice pack without any stress.

Step 4 for Packing Alice Pack

Regular food supplies should be quickly accessible to you when using an Alice park. On this note, it is highly important to position your regular food supplies in the interior pocket of the right side. It will help to keep them safe and sound during the withdrawal stage. When loading your food supply, ensure that can last for about 2-3 days to prevent any damage.

Step 5 for Packing Alice Pack

Another important aspect of travel is the sleeping bag. It is a fantastic idea to strap the Alice Park under the primary compartment by making use of waterproof nylon strapping. It will help to give extra protection to your pack. In fact, you will be able to use the pack for a long time by applying this strategy.

Step 6 for Packing Alice Pack

Large supplies of vitamins should be positioned in the ammo pouches. It can be a thirty-day supply that can keep you strong for at least one month. The ammo pouches can as well contain sunscreen lotion, insect repellents, water purification tablets and a bottle of antibacterial soap. You can as well include a pan scrubber.

Step 7 for Packing Alice Pack

Put hat, maps, and other important items into the topmost side of your Alice pack. It should all be placed inside of waterproof bags for proper protection. Following this approach will help to fill your Alice pack with the required items effectively. In fact, the pockets of your Alice pack will be arranged in a professional manner for following this plan.

Step 8 for Packing Alice Pack

Finally, a self-inflating airbag should be strapped on the Alice pack on the upper portion of the pocket. You can achieve this goal by strapping the airbag under the nylon that keeps the bag. It is highly recommended to also include a compass in the utility belt, a flashlight, and two canteens. You can easily place these items carelessly when things are mixed up in your Alice pack. On this note, it is expedient to make a better schedule for these items. You can give a try now to see how it works.

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