Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting Pack


1. The product is completely versatile.
2. The pack will always provide total adjustment to suit your hunting style and size.
3. It provides responsible organization, complete mobility and can be used for any hunting projects.

1. The product is slightly expensive to purchase for some people.
2. The productive strength of the Tenzing TZ 1250 is less when compared to other brands.

The Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting Pack is exclusive in every way. This military backpack for hunting will help you get your task completed without any regret. If you are looking to experience an advanced upper-body mobility that lasts for a long time, then the Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting Pack is the right product to purchase. It enables you to carry along large amounts of gear in a versatile, compact pack. Typically, you will discover that the product comes with around one thousand two hundred and fifty cubic inches non-elastic material. The 2-layer brushed Tricot material is another unusual feature to consider about this fantastic pack. The lining durability of the pack is achieved through the availability of the two-layer brushed Tricot material. Nonetheless, it unleashes a soft PVC backing designed with Dyneema sturdy panels.

RE_8The Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting Pack contains around sixteen compartments overall such as hip, side, face and primary. The double entry feature of the product is an excellent design structure that helps military personnel to get attracted to the pack. The military backpack for hunting is unique in its mode of operation. There is the presence of five yellow-coded zip pockets for quick access and comfort into the primary compartment. It unveils horizontal hip straps and vertical suspension that are adjustable for firm fit and convenience. It is important to know that the Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting Pack is hydration compatible. It comes with space designed for a 2-layer hydration bladder that can be separated smoothly.

The gun fold-out and a bow help to carry boot with three compression straps. It will contribute to protecting additional gear without obstructing the interior storage space. As mentioned above, the Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting Pack will always serve you in unique ways. It comes with channeled back pad that will help your items to fit the given space without any compromise. The padded hip support is specially designed to assist you in carrying bulky items and walk smoothly. The weather guide is a super polished feature that helps for total protection. The face compartment reads, 6″ x 16″ x 6.5 inches. The main compartment reads, 9” x 16” x 6.5 inches. The hip compartment measures, 9″ x 4″ x 2 inches. The side compartment is 7″ x 5″ x 1.5 inches while the weight measures for 3 lb. 12 oz.

Everything you need to know before purchasing the product remains detailed. The product can be used for extensive hunting even in areas where you cannot anticipate. For this reason, the Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting Pack will not fail users, but help to achieve your immediate goal. The product is easy to use when compared to other military backpacks for hunting brands. The overall compartments of the product are sixteen, and you are sure to get the best experience when using it. While keeping maximum upper-body mobility, the product will help you to carry all your needed items from one place to another. Studies have revealed that the Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting Pack is water compatible and carries gun.

Even when talking about taking a bow, the product is the best option. From this point, you will discover that the Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting Pack is the perfect product to purchase in a time of need. The product can be used to hunt efficiently and can provide you with the best results. The Tenzing TZ 1250 pack will help your hunting activity successful in an ephemeral of time. Even if you want to travel with heavy loads, the product can as well help. Most importantly, it is a dependable pack for people looking to transfer items with weight from one place to another. The interior lining pad of the product will also give the inner part of the pack to remain sturdy and durable enough to serve you for a long time.

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