USGI Military Large Olive Drab Alice Pack


Pro: All components are genuine U.S. military issue.
Con: not water proof.Not MOLLE compatable.

The U.S military genuinely approves the product. This Alice is specially designed for the United States army and comes with sophisticated workmanship and materials. To be factual, it is not a natural inferior imitation. One unique feature of the product is that it can be used for camping and other purposes. This Alice pack is designed with a robust aluminum frame that makes the brand last for a long time when used. It unleashes kidney pad, quick release padded shoulder straps and quick release belt. If you are looking for a complete Alice large pack that converts, this product remains the right option. In the interior of the product, you will discover one large adjustable pouch. There are also six exterior pouches with dual snap adjustable closures. With these unique features, it will be easy for anyone to use the product without any stress.

For over several decades, troops residing in Olive Drab have depended on this Alice pack. It is because the product is rugged, sophisticated and roomy. The USGI Military Olive Drab Alice Pack is water resistant. It is designed with a durable nylon fabric that measures 15/8 inches wide at the waist. The waist belt of the product can fit up to forty-eight inches. The Alice pack comes with unique adjustable padded shoulder straps and 4.5 x 11 inches shoulder pads. It will help to fortify the functionality of the package for users. Using the product will not make you bother with anything when walking, camping, riding or climbing. It can hold rations and clothing for complete three days without any problem. In a nutshell, it can carry around seventy lbs of loads. There is the presence of upper and lower back pads. These pads are specially designed to keep the back of the product efficiently.1

Within the large main compartment, you will discover an excellent gear pouch carrying drawstring. There is also a concealed map compartment in the flap. The presence of the two fantastic straps found on the top of the product makes inevitable to cast off. The top flap comes with release hardware/metal cinch. Amazingly, the USGI Military Large Olive Drab Alice Pack w/ Straps / Frame / Pad unveils three five times ten inches exterior gear pouches. These pouches also join the release hardware/metal cinch and strap-flap. There are extra three more upper snap-flap pockets to help retain items. The main compartment and pockets are designed with metal drain vent holes located underneath. If there is a product that separately displays two excellent inch nylon webbing feature, this Alice pack remains a perfect choice. The nylon webbing is sewn around the upper section of the bag.

Both ends have little metal grommets designed to join extra gear on the exterior of the pack. It comes with a fully assembled part. It is ready to be used whenever you decide. The product is approved for trekking anywhere, lugging books on campus, tactical operations, paintball, hiking, camping and hunting. It approximately measures around 20 inches long and 19 inches wide. The frame of the product also measures around twenty-two inches long and twelve inches wide. The frame of this Alice bag will fit large or medium packs. The color can also vary from black, brown, green and just to mention a few. In most instance, you will discover that the OD frame color remains the most popular among other brands. The OD color comes with QR belt, kidney pad and straps. The USGI Military Large Olive Drab Alice Pack is new in the market.

You can purchase the product for just $65.50 in the marketplace. It is durable and can help you save a lot of money. Cleaning and maintaining the pack is not an issue. The straps are available to help you buckle your items properly before riding or walking. It is one of the best Alice packs that you can rely on, time and again. When compared to other products, this Alice pack is cheap and can last for a long time. You can give it a try now to discover the uniqueness of the product


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